One of the questions I often get asked is ” How long does it take to increase your reading speed?”

In this short blog post, I will answer the question.

An average person reads around 150 – 250 words per minute. whereas an effective reader reads above 400 WPM and beyond. Do you read slowly and wish to improve your reading speed as well?

I have learned various reading techniques almost 13 years back and since then read many books on speed reading and learning in general. Using these techniques, I have read 1000s of books with amazing results. I now teach people how to read faster.

Based on my experience I can say that You can learn all the major techniques of speed reading IN A DAY. By the end of day’s training, you will have seen a SIGNIFICANT improvement in your reading speed sometimes even up to 3 TIMES your present reading speed.

Of course, like any other skill, it takes consistent practice to master the skill. if you practice the techniques for one month seriously, you will see a huge shift in your reading style and the speed.

I have written a blog post, explaining how you can increase your reading speed in JUST 21 minutes.  You can read it here: Increase your reading speed in 21 minutes.   Few people have even DOUBLED their reading speed by applying what they learned from the blog post.

Read the blog post and do the exercise NOW. You will SURELY see an improvement in your reading speed. Share your improvement in your reading speed in the comment section below.

Till Next time, choose to be extraordinary.