In this blog post, I am going to share few quick strategies to get maximum benefit from any self development book. Over the years, I’ve read 1000s of self development and business development books. I have seen and read various types of writing styles, good and not so good books. There are many things you can do to get maximum benefit from the book. In this blog post, I am going to share top 5 things you can do immediately to get maximum from the book.

Have a compelling reason to read the book

Before you start to read the book, ask yourself why you want to read the book in the first place. It may seem stupid in the beginning, but it isn’t . It doesn’t make any sense to read the book if you don’t know why. Compelling reason to read a book helps you focus more when you are reading the book. You will be more open to learn from the author, if you have a purpose to read the book.

Develop a deep desire to master the principles of the book. Remember if you are passionate about learning and mastering the skills in the book it would be lot easier to read.

Highlight important ideas

Your book is not a piece of art where you buy and keep it safe without touching it. Books are meant to be read, understood, analyzed. Underline, highlight the important points, write your observations on the margins, Do whatever you want to get maximum benefit from it.

Keep a journal

If you love the book and think it could be life changing. I recommend you to maintain a journal for the book (physical or electronic – it doesn’t matter). In the journal, write down what you learned from the book, how you applied it in your life, your progress from taking action. You can also record your mistakes you have made and what changes are required for the future.

When you look back at the journal after years, it will be magical to see the journey you took.

Review the book regularly.

You don’t understand and get everything from the book in one reading. All good books require multiple readings. Review the book more than once. You will notice all the information you have missed in your first reading. You will also get different perceptive of same thing. There are books where I have read more than 25 times and still learn something new if I read it again.

Take Action

. When the author introduces you with new idea or action step , stop for a second and ask yourself how you can apply in your life. Take the action in 24 hours of you reading about it. Also, apply the learnings from the book in your life at every opportunity. Your life will improve for better.

When it comes to self development, remember knowledge is no longer power. It is only potential power. Knowledge when put to action becomes power.

You can use following template to record your learnings and how you are going to take action.

Sr. No Idea I learned Page Number How am I going to take action Remarks/ Notes

Action step:

  1. Select a self development/ business development book you want to read. If you are not sure which book to read, I have compiled list of books I have read in various categories here: My Book Recommendations  You can select any book.
  2. After you select the book,
  • ask yourself why you want to read the book? (set the purpose).
  • Start recording your learnings and how you are going to take action.
  • Highlight and underline every important idea you come across.

3. Share your thoughts, opinions in comment section below.