I am regularly asked for recommendations of books on various topics, software, apps. I’ve put together a list of books, resources that I recommend. I will update this list regularly.  I will also include my top blog posts from this website.


Top Articles from my blog

Can You read a book in a week? I will prove it that you can

Do you read at least one book a week? If not, this blog post will answer the question of how you can do it. Lot of it is common sense, but do we use it?


List of recommended books


I have listed down the books which blew my mind and changed my life. Most of the books I have listed down are must read books. Don’t be overwhelmed with the list, start with one book and work your way to the rest. 

My book Recommendations


Software/ App

Evernote: – I use Evernote for note taking, capturing of ideas. This is infact my digital brain.

Todoist: –  This is my to do list application. I use this along with MS Excel to manage my to do actions.

Google Calendar – To schedule all my action steps.

Scrivener – For writing books and blog posts.

Freedom.to – To block websites , social media sites. Try this app, you will save 100s of hours for sure and be more productive. If you haven’t heard of this before, try this immediately. You will thank me later.