Do you do affirmations daily but see no tangible results? The reason could be you are doing it wrong.

Many years ago, I was doing affirmations with very less emotion and almost zero physical involvement. I thought the words in affirmations makes them powerful.

I was wrong.

One day I was listening to Tony Robbins tape where he mentioned why affirmations don’t work and introduced the concept of incantations. When I first heard about incantations I thought both affirmations and incantations are same.

I was wrong again.


What is incantation?

An incantation is a phrase or language pattern that is said out loud with an actively engaged physiology. Incantations are affirmations on steroids.

Look at incantations as Affirmations + Strong emotion + Strong physiology ( Using your body)

It’s the MOST POWERFUL way for conditioning your mind, new beliefs and identity. It’s more powerful than your belief system because beliefs just passively reside in your memory. Incantations don’t.

If you follow Tony Robbins work, you would know he talks a lot about TRIAD (Physiology, Focus and meaning). Incantations uses all 3 elements of the traid and that’s why it is powerful.

If you use incantations daily, they become an active part of your neurology and it becomes a habit.

In one of the Tapes, Tony mentions that when he was 17 years old and working with Jim Rohn, he would do incantations in his car for 2-4 hours and his whole LIFE has been shaped by incantations. At one point of time, he went from making $38,000 to 1 Million in a year. He credits all of this to incantations.

Even to this day, he does the incantations before going on to the stage every single time.


Laws of incantations:

1.Emotional Intensity

The more powerful the EMOTION and the STATE you are in, the more powerful is the effect of incantations. Emotional intensity is everything, that’s how you program the unconscious mind. You become them and embody them physically again and again over and over. You need to embody the phrases with INTESNE EMOTIONAL INTENSITY. This is what sends a message to your brain that it’s real and creates an anchor in the nervous system. You need to shout and repeat them often.

2. Conditioning- Consistency is power.

For incantations to work, do it consistently. Schedule it in your calendar and do it as a part of your routine. Make it a daily event. You MUST do it for at least 10 minutes every single day and more if possible. You can do this while running, walking, working out. It needs to become a part of your life, it’s not something that you do once. Don’t care about what people think!!

3. Rhythm and Pattern

 To make incantations more powerful, make it sound like a song or different rhythm. Don’t use one tone throughout. Use voice modulation.

4. Synergy

 Try to use all your 5 senses to have maximum impact when doing incantations. Visualize your incantation as if you achieved your desired result when you repeat it.

5. Reward

Incantations are a gift for you. Enjoy the process and have fun with them. Celebrate when you achieve your results.

Here is a demo of incantations where Tony is doing it in Live audience: 


Here are few Sample Incantations you can use immediately.

“Every day in every way am getting better and better, stronger and stronger”

“I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific”

“I love my life and I am so blessed”


How I applied Incantations.

Like I said above I didn’t take incantations seriously when I first heard about it. 2 years ago my friend attended Unleash the power within (UPW) and he told me how Tony leads everyone on day 3 with Dickens process ( You can learn more about Dickens process in personal power tapes). The entire process takes 3 -4 hours and major part of dickens process is using incantations. Here incantations are used to eliminate limiting beliefs and replace it with empowering beliefs.

Once I learned about this I started taking it seriously with great results. Let me give you an example, I am an introvert and shy person. When ever I go to parties or events I avoid approaching people. I knew this was a great barrier and I need to break it.

I made a decision to overcome it, I identified the limiting beliefs I have and decided what empowering beliefs I need to have instead. I turned these empowering beliefs into statements and started doing the incantations with full physical engagement and high emotions. After few days of doing this I started noticing subtle changes in my behaviour. I was starting conversations with strangers and also asking them questions which I would have never done.

Incantations helped me eliminate my social anxiety to great extent.

Right now, I do incantations for my goals.


Action step

  1. Select one incantation ( either one from above or your own) and do it for 10 minutes engaging your complete physiology.
  2. Share your insights and results in the comment section below.